Saturday 21 June 2014


Have you noticed how big retro small cars are becoming?

Take the Fiat 500. The original, from 1957, was a masterpiece of miniaturisation. The 50th anniversary reprise was heavier, longer, wider, taller, but almost certainly safer.

Volkswagen's 1997 re-imagining of the original Beetle was nowhere near as bloated. But then, the original Beetle wasn't a particularly small car.

 (Note that all the images here are to the same scale)

Another big (cough) culprit is BMW with their 21st century Mini ... sorry MINI ... series. The abandoned Mini Rocketman model would have reversed the trend, but as it is, they just keep getting bigger.


Sunday 15 June 2014

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is undoubtedly the crack cocaine of casual games. Alas, I too have fallen victim to its dubious charms. So much so that I've decided to go cold turkey after reaching Level 100 ("proof" below).

Fortunately, I managed to get to this milestone without making any micro-payments or mugging pensioners on their way back from the Post Office for the price of an extra life.

So no more furtive "match three" highs for me: I'm on the wagon. If anyone sees me with a coconut wheel beneath my mouse, poised for a chained combo, you have my permission to slap me across the face and give me a shot of insulin.