Friday 16 April 2010

A Shed Load of Second Hand Watches

Listening to the radio traffic reports, one of their favourite phrases seems to be:
"a shed load of blanks"
This presumably refers to "a truckful of blanks that has fallen on to the carriageway." However, the ambiguity with the alternative meaning, "enough blanks to fill a shed," is witty and probably not totally accidental.

It reminds me of a phrase I had a similar problem with when I was young (in the distant past when analogue watches were the primary type). I dimly remember discussing watches with my classmates in the school playground, and being bemused that having a watch "bought second hand" was considered bad, but one "with a second hand" was considered good. Some poor, confused children had watches that fulfilled both criteria.

I quickly resolved to save up pocket money to buy my own, cheap, digital watch from the market, thereby circumventing the entire thorny issue.


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