Thursday 17 June 2010


I've just added a new demo: Unifont. I've tried to compose as many useful bitmap glyphs from a single, small image (128-by-64 pixels) as possible. I'm up to almost one thousand.

I've found out a lot about character sets, code pages and Unicode in general. And I was pleased to see all the glyphs from the Sinclair ZX Spectrum character set have a one-to-one mapping to Unicode code-points. But bizarrely, this isn't the case for the Sinclair ZX81:

The half, grey-shaded block elements (two above "D" and "E") and their inverses have no Unicode equivalents. Shocking!

This is obviously just a clerical error on the part of the Unicode standards team; I can't imagine them knowingly missing out glyphs from such an important character set. But I'm going to start a petition to get them instated as soon as possible:
  1. Ian Taylor
  2. ...

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