Saturday 6 November 2010

ZX Spectrum Fine Art

I've been trawling through old demoscene, low-resolution art lately; in particular, images that can be displayed on a bog-standard Sinclair ZX Spectrum. These were limited to 256-by-192 pixels, with each 8-by-8 patch limited to only two colours from a very small palette. Most artwork of the 1980s was confined to loading screens, some very clever indeed:

But, even today, people still dabble in the arcane skills involved in getting something half-decent out of the huge constraints. As a quick exercise, I looked for an iconic painting to recreate in ZX Spectrum graphics. Something simplistic with blocks of solid colour would be ideal. I chose David Hockney's "A Bigger Splash":

Oh dear...


  1. I rather like it! The splash is somewhat small though ;)

  2. Yeah, what it needs is a... Oh, very funny!