Friday 11 May 2012

School Reports

It may come as a surprise to anyone reading this blog of drivel, but Physical Education was not one of my strong subjects at school. Recently, on a visit back to my parents, they presented me with a brown envelope filled with all the school reports from my childhood. Needless to say, the P.E. comments were mildly entertaining.

Autumn 1980 C+ A good start but progress requires continuous effort.
Summer 1981 C Satisfactory work and progress made.
Autumn 1981 C+ Fair work and results.
Summer 1982 C Some steady work but Ian hasn't lost a lot of sweat this term.
Autumn 1982 C Satisfactory.
Summer 1983 C+ Satisfactory work and progress.
Winter 1984 C Ian has continued to work at a satisfactory level, although he does not possess any great natural ability, he tries hard.
Summer 1984 C- Slow progress maintained.
Spring 1985 C- A term of little progress but some enthusiasm.

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